The Israeli army: “Taken 11 Hamas strongholds”. Communications with al-Shifa hospital interrupted, siege on Gaza


By John

The Israeli army says it has taken control of 11 Hamas command posts. During the night, the forces of the Nahal Brigade identified and destroyed the attack tunnels that were located near a school. The soldiers also destroyed targets of the Hamas naval force and eliminated a militia commando that was about to engage the soldiers of the Givati ​​Brigade.

Communications with al-Shifa hospital were interrupted. The grip on Gaza is tightening

Communications with the al-Shifa hospital, the main one in Gaza, were interrupted. Haaretz reports that during the night the Israeli army closed thesiege on two other hospitals, which would be Rantisi and Nasser. Israel has repeated several times that Hamas uses the al-Shifa hospital as a ‘shield’ to hide the entrance to a network of military tunnels from where the organisation’s leader, Yihya Sinwar, allegedly operates.

The Israelis reiterated that they did not fire in yesterday’s fighting on the Shifa hospital in Gaza City and blamed the incident on a failed rocket launch by Palestinian factions. The military spokesperson quoted by the media made this known. Hamas had instead blamed Israel for the bombing of the facility and the resulting victims.