Security, Iron: reorganization of the local police force is of epochal significance


By John

“With the approval by the Council of Ministers of the package of important legislative measures on security, the Meloni government once again keeps its commitments and demonstrates with facts its closeness to the police and citizens, above all to the weakest, who from today will be able to receive greater protection from the State”. This is what the Undersecretary of the Interior stated in a note Wanda Ferro, which highlights, among the measures adopted, “the strengthening of protection for men and women in uniform from attacks and acts of violence, the new crime against riots in prisons, the fight against illegal occupations of buildings, the strengthening of measures anti-pickpocketing and the crackdown on scams targeting the elderly, the fight against road blocks with which demonstrators create enormous inconvenience and risk situations for citizens, the strengthening of measures to combat terrorism and anti-mafia prevention”. The package – adds Ferro – “also includes some important rules aimed at strengthening the administration of assets confiscated from criminal organisations, introducing measures which aim to accelerate the overcoming of urban planning obstacles which hinder the use of properties for social purposes, the simplification of the procedure for canceling inactive companies, the prohibition on carrying out work in a confiscated company for individuals close to the recipient of the measure or convicted of mafia crimes. Furthermore, the delegation to the government for the reorganization of the local police forces, whose discipline dates back 37 years ago, has an epochal value, which will see its functions redefined and its role in public security activities revised, with the valorisation of the tasks of fighting criminals. illicit phenomena and the degradation of urban areas, with a view to greater integration and exchange of information with the national police forces. The set of measures also includes the renewal of contracts for the sector, which have already expired in 2021, with an allocation of 1.5 billion, of which 1.4 billion will be allocated to the Police Forces and the Armed Forces and another 100 millions to the fire brigade. Furthermore, rules are introduced that aim to strengthen and enhance the specificity of the various components that operate in the security, defense and public rescue sectors, to improve their functionality and provide citizens with a more effective and timely service. A complex job which is the result of an effective synergy between Prime Minister Meloni, the Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantedosi and the Ministers of Justice and Defence”.