Violent football in the Vibonese area: 7 Daspo issued for a duration of two years


By John

The police commissioner of Vibo Valentia, as part of the activities aimed at combating the phenomenon of violence during sporting events, issued 7 Prohibitions on Access to Sports Events (DAspo.) as occurred during a football match.
Specifically, during the second half of the match “ASD Comprehensive. Head of the Vatican – FCD Rombiolese”held at the municipal sports field “S. Giovanni Bosco” in the hamlet of San Nicolò di Ricadi and valid for the championship Regional Juniors Under 19 group G, following a clash between two players who subsequently began to hit each other with kicks and punches, a brawl broke out involving other teammates, including starters and reserves, during which managers were also thrown to the ground and kicked. This determined the necessary decision of the Race Director to definitively suspend the match to preserve his own physical safety and that of the other participants in the sporting event.
The immediate investigations carried out by the Digos agents of the local Police Headquarters made it possible to identify the players of the two teams involved in the scuffle and at the conclusion of the investigation carried out by the Anti-Crime Division, the DAspo measure was adopted. for a period of two years.
During the investigations, the conduct of two managers of the two teams also emerged who, although they intervened in an attempt to calm things down, however, not only did they not provide the referee with the necessary collaboration to avoid further overheating things, but they tried to belittle conduct deemed violent by the referee himself, favoring unsportsmanlike conduct by the players. To them, similarly to the footballers, at the end of the administrative investigation carried out, the Police Commissioner issued an injunction prohibiting access to sporting events (DAspo.) for a period of two years.
The attention of the state police remains high towards all violent and dangerous behavior for public order carried out in stadiums, in order to allow sporting competitions to take place peacefully and safely.