The Lamezia City Council turns the spotlight back on the Icom and Borgo antico cases


By John

Tomorrow at 10 am, and possibly Friday, in second call, at 1 pm, the next city council meeting. The discussion and vote to approve the agreement between the Municipality and the entrepreneur's Icom will take center stage Floriano Noto regarding the now atavistic story of the “Borgo Antico”, the “Retailtainment”, i.e. the commercial park that should be built on Via del Progresso.
It will be the numbers and any discussions that will clarify whether this could be a new test of strength and “holding”, from a political point of view, for the Mascaro Administration, which is however already supported by the approval of the council last April. Although no particular surprises are expected, it will still be a first council moment after the so-called “centrist turn”, that is, a first approach to that “laboratory” which was all too underlined by the mayor himself following the entry into the council of Annalisa Spinelli (We Moderates) e Antoinette Rizzo.