The League lashes out against Christian Greco, director of the Egyptian Museum in Turin: “He should be kicked out, he is left-wing and is racist against Italians”


By John

«Christian Greco, director of the Egyptian Museum of Turin, make a gesture of dignity and resign. We will do everything to oust him and we ask the Minister of Culture Sangiuliano to oust him if he doesn’t resign.” The deputy secretary of the League asks this, interviewed by Andrea Crippa. «A few years ago – says Crippa – Greco decided on a discount only for Muslim citizens and I asked the citizens to protest by flooding the switchboard with phone calls. He reported me, I was convicted at first instance and acquitted at second instance, winning the case. He is a left-wing director who managed the Egyptian Museum in Turin in an ideological and racist way against Italians and citizens of the Christian religion. He only gave discounts for Muslims and never for those who profess other religions. He should be kicked out immediately, so it’s better if he makes a gesture of dignity and goes away himself. Incredible that after having managed the Museum in an ideological way he is now asking to keep his seat in the centre-right government. The Egyptian Museum of Turin – he continues – is paid for by the citizens and he only listens to the left. He is a racist against Italians and Christians. If he resigns immediately, he would make a better impression”, he concludes. The director of the Egyptian museum has given interviews in various newspapers, for example in an interview with La Stampa entitled ‘only in Italy does political interference exist, everyone does their own job’, Greco observes: «In my 7 years of working at the abroad, as I told the States General of Culture in 2014, I have never seen a politician. Everyone must do their own job – he says – the politician shows the way, the technicians work on the objectives and other technicians will judge ».

The PD’s response: “Minister Sangiuliano must distance himself from his allies”

Criticism from the opposition to Crippa’s request. “The League announces that it will do everything to oust the director of the Egyptian Museum of Turin, asking Minister Sangiuliano to do so. We are faced with a case of institutional illiteracy and political arrogance, but knowing the League it is certainly not surprising. And it reports once again how brutal there is an attempt to occupy power in places of culture which are and must remain independent. We hope that at least in this case Minister Sangiuliano will publicly distance himself from his allies and stop this vulgar and absurd aggression”, says Matteo Orfini, deputy of the Democratic Party, in a note.