The Messina carriages are still queens of the set in the film “L'abbaglio” by Roberto Andò, with Servillo and Ficarra and Picone


By John

Piazza Pretoria a Palermo returns to be the film set for a new film set in the nineteenth century, as already happened two years ago with “The Lions of Sicily” and last year with “The Leopard”. Once again, the carriages of the Molonia family from Messina were the protagonists during Wednesday afternoon's filming of the only outdoor scenes of “The dazzle”the new film by Roberto Andò with Toni Servillo and Ficarra and Picone. The film narrates the events of the expedition of the Thousand led by Garibaldi in 1860, aimed at freeing Sicily from Bourbon rule.

The carriage used for Toni Servillo is a 19th century Vittoria, once used as a public service in Messina. Furthermore, the production made use of a 20th century wagonette, a “docrina” and a “Pistoiese” from the end of the last century. The wagons and carts of the Molonia family also played an important role in the scenes of aid to the wounded Garibaldians.

These same historic Straits City carriages have previously been used in the sets of “The Strangeness”, “The Leopard” and “The Lions of Sicily”.