The Municipality of Crotone brings order to the management of parks, villas and public spaces


By John

There is a change in the management of the city's fifteen green areas, including parks and public villas. New rules are coming. This was established by the municipal council in an act of direction following the proposal of the deputy mayor and councilor for public green areas Sandro Cretella approved the new provisions which also concern the type of management of individual spaces. As had been anticipated for some time, Cretella was responsible for studying a reorganization plan that will allow for more effective management aimed at the community's use of the city's green spaces.
First it was established which parks will be entrusted to external parties and which will be directly managed by the Municipality. The council has decided that eleven sites (the Villa Comunale and the Baden Powell park, the Vincenzo Scaramuzza park, the Orto Candela, the Mimose park, Orto Tellini, the Oleandri park, the Glicini park, the villa in Piazza degli Artisti a Fondo Gesù, the area adjacent to the Turano roundabout and the green area in Papanice near Via Calabria), will be entrusted to third parties through public tenders or as required by law.
The Zanotti Bianco park, Piazzetta Belvedere, the green area in Corso Mazzini, Piazza Alcide de Gasperi and the Giardino di Alì will be managed directly by the Municipality.