Ponte Stretto, Salvini: “Construction objective by 2024, impact of 20 billion”


By John

“My goal is to open the construction sites of the Bridge over the Strait of Messina” by 2024, after 53 years. The engineers estimate the completion time at 7 years”. Thus the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matteo Salvini, during a conference in Milan. “The Stretto di Messina company was founded by law in December 1971, it is the most studied, most evaluated and so far never built bridge. The independent scientific technical committee – he added – also includes the director of the Milan Wind Tunnel, Sara Muggiasca. The bridge was already tested in the 2000s in the wind tunnel. If the technical-scientific committee gave a unanimous favorable opinion to the project with some recommendations, claiming that we are making a bridge that cannot resist the wind is insane.”

The minister then underlined that “the bridge structure is the safest and most solid in the area, it is made to resist possible earthquakes, tides and the passage of ships”. From an economic point of view, “according to a third study by Open Economics, the positive impact on the national territory will be 20 billion. Lombardy will be the region that will have the greatest economic impact, being the most industrialized region, a part of companies and professionals involved they will be Lombard. It's a win-win. The bridge is a multiplier of economic investments in the area”, concluded Salvini.

“Salvini who throws out numbers at random, the saga of the Strait Bridge continues: today he feels like an economist and invents 20 billion of GDP. Again today he predicts delivery for 2031, last February it was for 2032. We will soon see him at urn for the lottery draw”. So on X the M5s deputy group leader in the Chamber Agostino Santillo.