The “no” of the mayors of Calabria to Autonomy


By John

A packed room welcomed the mayors of four of the five provincial capitals of Calabria and the national president of Anci: Nicola Fiorita, Franza Caruso, Giuseppe Falcomatà, Vincenzo Voce And Antonio Decaro have given rise to a public study on the topic of differentiated autonomy. In the audience, in the “Frangipane” Hall of the San Giovanni monumental complex, local administrators (the provincial council is almost complete, with the only absences of Giusy Pino And Giorgio Arcuri; of the regional councilors present Ernesto Alecci And Antonio Loschiavo; in the front row too Franco Iacucci, regional councilor of the Democratic Party, and some mayors of the province of Catanzaro).
«We are worried for several reasons – said Decaro, referring to differentiated autonomy -: the first is that it seems to assign to the Regions functions that appear to be of an administrative nature and not of a legislative or planning nature, which instead are those that are their responsibility. At the same time, the Lep must be financed and to date there has been a study done from a legal-regulatory point of view, but not from an economic-financial point of view. We are afraid that in this way those who are rich will become richer and those who are already poor poorer. I must say, then, that personally I was even against the reform of Title V of the Constitution: without that error, perhaps today we would not be talking about Differentiated Autonomy, we would not have posed the problem of a future in which there is a risk of a fragmented country in which no we will be able to guarantee the same rights and the same services, regardless of where you are born or where you go to live.”