Conte teases Meloni: “Mes brought to Italy by Berlusconi, when she was… minister”


By John

Do you know who brought the ESM to Italy? The Berlusconi government in August 2011 and you Giorgia Meloni were there as a minister while, mind you, I was a lawyer. You were already there doing damage. Lies upon lies. Giorgia Meloni don’t dare, read the parliamentary documents on the ESM reform. You are skirting around the central issue. Now put the responsibility for signing on me. What were you doing? Now it’s a question of ratifying the ESM or not: it’s up to you to decide. Now you decide everything, you have introduced a de facto premiership. You sang «no Mes, no Mes». Now you have to decide.” The M5s leader says so Giuseppe Conte in a video on Facebook in which he replies to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.