The numbers fail Mayor Falcomatà. The analysis of Reggio Futura


By John

Stop the slogans, make room for numbers. And through the numbers Reggio Futura analyzed how Reggio was led by the centre-right (2002-2012) and how Reggio is today led by the centre-left (2014-2024). A painstaking job carried out by the lawyer. Italo Palmara, president of Reggio Futura (yesterday morning at the Torrione hotel he was assisted by Prof. Erasmo Villardita, of the Reggio Futura board). The premise from which Palmara and Villardita moved was the formation of the new council and the vote in the Council on the motion of no confidence and they highlighted how once again the center-left of Reggio had put the interests of the party before those of the city: «The The friction created between Mayor Falcomatà and his party was not resolved but simply set aside due to mere attachment to the seat.”

Reggio Futura has started Operation Truth. Thus Italo Palmara: «He recites an ancient adage “repeat a lie 10, 100, 1000 times and it will become truth”. The left of Reggio knows this very well and today has the courage to claim that it “does not want to hand over the city to that centre-right which has caused so many disasters”. But then let’s try to analyze whether the center-right has really caused “disasters” and whether the left has brought benefits to Reggio. Our study is based only on numbers, which represent objective and indisputable data. Numbers certified by qualified sources such as the Chamber of Commerce, Assaeroporti, Il Sole 24 Ore, Istat and the Municipality of Reggio Calabria. In our research we examined parameters that represent a sort of thermometer for the state of health of each city, namely: new registrations and cessations of economic activities; the number of flights and passengers referring to the city airport; the annual ranking drawn up by “Il Sole 24 Ore” on “Environment and Services”; changes in the number of residents in the city”.