The president of Confindustria: “Sicily’s GDP will grow in the next 5 years”


By John

«According to some studies, Sicily will have 4-5 years of positive GDP ahead of it». To declare it, in an interview with Rai, Gaetano Vecchio, the entrepreneur from Catania, director of Cosedil who has been leading Confindustria Sicilia since January 23rd, at the age of 49. It is a positive message, the one launched by Vecchio, but also an invitation and a warning to the institutions and the political class to exploit the opportunities that the island has before it, from the investments of the Pnrr to those in wind and solar, up to the chapter of infrastructure and transport, of vital importance for companies and for all of Sicily. Confindustria’s endorsement for the Bridge over the Strait has always been known, but Vecchio reiterated that, at the same time, all the planned works must be carried out, starting with the restructuring of the motorway axes and the main communication routes between Palermo, Catania and Messina. The invitation is, instead, addressed to Sicilian entrepreneurs “to overcome internal divisions, including territorial ones” and to all row in the same direction.