The protest of the workers of the Cutro biomass power plant continues, they will spend the night on the chimney


By John

The 15 workers of «Serravalle Energy» will spend the night on the chimney of the Cutro biomass power plant, 52 meters above sea level, who have been carrying out a protest since this afternoon to demand payment of their back wages and have certainty about their working future. The arrival of the judicial administrators on site was not enough for the workers Giuseppe Spadafora And Iginio Warriortogether with the coordinating judge, Mario Santoemmawho showed a delegation of workers the decree authorizing the payment of 45 thousand euros, equal to the amount of salaries for February and March.

“Enough with the chatter”, shouted the workers from the top of the chimney, while a meeting was taking place in the offices of the power plant between the judicial administrators, judge Santoemma, the trade unionists Francesco Gatto (CGIL), Francesco Timpano (CISL) e Vincenzo Celi (Uil) and a delegation of plant workers. The availability of the judge and the administrators was well received, but, the unions reported, the workers decided to continue the protest anyway both because the April month's salary is accruing but above all because they have no certainties about their future.

The Cutro biomass power plant is at the center of a legal case arising from an investigation into alleged environmental crimes, conducted by the Catanzaro DDA, which on 4 October 2022 had led to the seizure of the plant and its consequent entrustment to the judicial administration. An administration that had to deal, among other things, with the suspension of state incentives from the Energy Services Manager provided for biomass plants. Last April 11, the plant was released from seizure by the Court of Crotone and returned to ownership, but, pending the appointment of the new Board of Directors, it is still under the management of the judicial administration.