She takes a body to the bank to get him to sign a loan, arrested


By John

A woman was arrested in Brazil after taking the body of a man in a wheelchair to the bank to try to withdraw a loan of 17,000 reais (just over 3 thousand euros) by pretending that he was the one who signed. The gruesome episode happened in Bangu, in the western area of ​​Rio de Janeiro. The agency's employees became suspicious of the woman's behavior and called the police. The man in the wheelchair, 68 years old, had probably been dead for a few hours.

“He tried to pretend that he was the one who signed,” explained Commissioner Fábio Luiz. The woman told officers her routine was to take care of her uncle, who was ill. Investigators are trying to understand whether the arrested person is actually a relative of hers. A video, taken by bank employees, shows the woman trying to hold the man's head upright, using her hand and speaking to his body.