The Purple Planet is reborn in Reggio Calabria: the arena ready to reopen for the Regions Trophy


By John

I'm now on the home stretch the redevelopment works of the gym and part of the external areas of the Purple Planetthe historic sports facility home to the Reggio basketball which in the next few days will host some matches of the prestigious 5-a-side Football Regions Trophy.

In recent weeks the Metropolitan City, which had already planned the renovation of the historic sports facility for some time, has accelerated work in the gym area, a large building with a multi-purpose field capable of hosting matches and training sessions, not only basketball , but also 5-a-side football and volleyball, and which is equipped with a staircase with 600 seats. Overall, the works, already underway, involve a larger investment of almost one and a half million euros, which concerns not only the gym, now ready to host any kind of sporting event, but also the adjacent structures, the changing room block, the toilets for the athletes, competition judges, infirmary and staff, the entire spectator services block, the roofing of the roof, electrical and thermomechanical systems.

In recent years the structures had been subjected to damage which had depleted their potential in terms of sporting attractiveness. From the Metrocity therefore an important investment, partly already finalised, which will allow the historic sports center of the Modena district to be given new life. After the partial reopening for the Regions Trophy, the renovation work on the accommodation facilities adjacent to the Pianeta Viola gym will begin from the first days of May.

In recent days the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà, together with the Councilor delegated to Sport Giovanni Latella, carried out an inspection of the structure, to personally verify the state of completion of the works and thank the operators, both those of the executing company, the Limina Società Cooperativa Arl of Ardore, and of Società Castore, for the speed in completing the operations to complete the interventions on the gym area and the cleaning of the external areas.

“The works on the Purple Planet – explained the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà – already activated by the Metropolitan City, are part of a broader strategy also planned by the Municipality of Reggio Calabria which aims to revitalize the four most important sports facilities of the City, both for basketball and football, but of course also for other sports, starting with 5-a-side football which is a sport on the rise and for which we are honored to host the Regions Trophy. I am referring to the restyling works of the PalaCalafiore in Pentimele , of the Granillo Stadium, of the Sant'Agata Sports Center and of the Purple Planet of Modena” – viola-il-palazzetto-ready-to-reopen-for-the-trofeo-delle-regioni-d4497b93-229c-435a-9683-7065fb1c3bb6/.”To these important interventions, on the symbolic structures of Reggio sport, are added a long series of other investments in facilities that may appear secondary, such as gyms, fields and school sports facilities, but are fundamental for the performance of sport at grassroots level and for the entire youth sports movement. We are satisfied – added the mayor – with how the various projects are progressing. Naturally we hope that the two main teams that use the structures, Reggina and Viola, will soon be able to return to the stages they deserve. For our part, we are working through a program that provides for an overall strengthening of the structures that can be a vehicle for the growth of the entire sporting movement at a city and metropolitan level”.