Montalto Uffugo towards the vote, another twist: Antonio Brogno withdraws to support Mauro D'Acri


By John

The number of candidates for the office of mayor drops to three who compete in this electoral round. Mauro D'Acri, Biagio Faragalli and Emilio Viafora they continue the race while that of Antonio Brogno. The candidate who, through Southern Italy, the party of which he is city secretary, had offered his availability for the mayoralty of Montalto Uffugo, has decided, in fact, to no longer compete in the June competition but to support D'Acri, by joining his coalition.
«After a long discussion and a careful political analysis dictated by the needs that our city has to face – explains Antonio Brogno – which aims at a territorial redevelopment that will finally see it as the protagonist of an important development, I have decided for the good of my community of withdraw his candidacy for mayor of Montalto Uffugo. But my commitment and my ideas will continue alongside the coalition of mayoral candidate Mauro D'Acri.”