The road system of the “Borgo Antico”, the Lamezia Council's yes to the agreement between the Municipality and Icom


By John

After a long day of exhausting debate the city assembly approved the agreement between the Icom company and the municipal body with 13 favorable votes expressed by the majority councilors and the abstention of Rosario Piccioni (Lamezia Common Good), Lucia Citizen (New era), Mimmo Gianturco (Lamezia first of all), Antonio Lorena And Pietro Gallo of Brothers of Italy and Alexander Saul (Mixed Group).
The only vote against was that of Antonio Mastroianni of the League. In the late afternoon of yesterday, therefore, the approval arrived for the construction of the “Regional Retail Entertainment Center” or the infamous “Borgo Antico” of the Catanzaro entrepreneur Floriano Noto which has been talked about for over twenty years and which will be built in via Del Progresso. The favorable opinion of the city council on the agreement will be followed by the signing of the notarial deed and the presentation of the executive projects by the Noto entrepreneur's company.