The Segre-Seymandi case and «Men and women»: when trash is universal


By John

We confess that we would never go back to writing about “Men and women”on Canale 5, if the summer of 2023 had not been struck by chance Segre – Seymandi. The gossip about the two exponents of chic Turin is well known, in the shock of the party during which the owner of the house communicated with us the annulment of the marriage due to the betrayals suffered. A story, in short, that could be summed up by Annalisa who sings «I saw her kissing him,…» And Luis Sal telling Fedez «Call your mother, call the lawyer».

It is also known that De Filippi’s broadcast is accused by many of trash due to the arguments between those who show up to look for a soul mate but, after a few externals, due to devastating incompatibilities, they receive insults that are inversely proportional to the number of meetings that they had to get to know each other.

The programme’s detractors deprecate the determination to show off for the purpose of marriage, the search for love which in any case does not disdain a lust with a pension and a home of ownership, they dismiss the program as an example of low level TV, essentially prepared by the authors for a good-mouthed audience.

Well, the Segre – Seymandi case demonstrates that when faced with feelings, betrayals and economic interests there is no distinction between social classes and that even a classy party can be on par with an episode of Men and Women.

When the video with the birthday boy’s explosive statement went viral, it was understood that the party had gone from “exclusive” to “popular”. In fact, it is not the selected number of guests, the circumstance, the social background or the bank statement that can make one claim belonging to “good society”. What matters most, in our opinion, among other virtues are education, sensitivity, the ability to soberly manage one’s emotions, the culture of feelings for the control of impulses and revenge.

From the newspapers, then, we read the motivation that the Turin banker gave for his sensational gesture, linked to the need to preserve his reputation in the face of his ex-girlfriend’s ability to tell the facts in a distorted if not imaginative way. But this explanation, in our opinion, also seemed very close to the dynamics of «Men and Women», where the participants struggle to explain the failure of the knowledge undertaken, attributing defects, vices, omissions and anything else undermined the relationship. With one substantial difference: from Maria De Filippi in the episode there is a public debate between the exes, the Turin case is mediated by lawyers and… it’s not the same thing.