The Siderno traffic police save a person who fell ill


By John

In recent days, personnel from the Siderno Traffic Police Detachment, during the performance of an ordinary service, intervened to provide first aid to a person who had fallen ill while walking along a street in the center of Siderno.
While the Traffic Police personnel were driving along the Siderno seafront, they noticed a person walking on the sidewalk and collapsing to the ground. The intervention of the Agents was sudden in providing assistance to the unfortunate victim. The 47-year-old man was unconscious and, therefore, the intervention of 118 personnel was immediately requested.
However, shortly afterwards, the man began to have convulsions and the Officer next to him intervened, in safe conditions, to prevent his tongue from reclining and causing suffocation. Despite the difficulties caused by the uncoordinated and involuntary movements of the unfortunate man, the Traffic Officer managed to contain the movements inside the mouth and, keeping the man lying on one side, waited for the ambulance to arrive.
During the short time waited for the arrival of the 118 personnel, a time which seemed very long to the State Police operators, the person was constantly positioned in such conditions as not to suffer further physical damage and the Agents were always in close contact with the health service workers who, upon arriving on site, transported the man to the Locri hospital, no longer in danger of his life.
The same staff of the Siderno Traffic Police found his documents on the man, thanks to which they were able to trace and contact the family members of the unfortunate man, reassuring them about the conditions of the relative already entrusted to the care of the Locri Hospital.