The mystery of the rain of fish on the town of Yoro. The phenomenon baffles scientists and locals alike


By John

Also this year in Yoro, Honduras, a phenomenon as surprising as it was unique occurred: the rain of fish. The event takes place at least once or twice a year, usually during the months of May and June.

Making it even more enigmatic is the fact that the location is a considerable distance from the ocean. The first testimonies of the mysterious event in Yoro date back to the 19th century, but since 1998 the town has even decided to establish an annual festival to celebrate it. The fish rain conundrum has baffled scientists and locals alike.

While some meteorological explanations suggest the intervention of strong winds or waterspouts, other more folkloric theories attribute the phenomenon to divine interventions.

Like the one that links him to the story of a Catholic priest from the 1800s, whose prayers unleashed the first rain of fish in response to the suffering of his famine-stricken community. However, Yoro is not the only place where this phenomenon has left its inhabitants stunned. In Yasuj, Iran, similar incidents have been reported over the years.