Cosenza hopes for the “Marulla” effect. In the match against Palermo the cabal winks


By John

Forget the disappointments suffered especially on the occasion of the one hundred and tenth anniversary evening and in the derby with Catanzaro. Cosenza has a moral obligation with its supporters in tomorrow's match against Palermo: to revive an afternoon at Lupi, at the “Marulla”, for its fans. The home effect seems to have dissolved after Venezia's move in January but in the final stages of the home season it becomes essential to wear the armor and draw the sword.
The rosanero are experiencing an equally complicated moment. The two teams have lost four of their last seven games. Only Bari did worse in the same period of time. In these hours Mignani has charged him to get to the bottom of the situation. Cosenza will have to be ready and match the competitive, tactical and technical figure presented by their opponents. The “hunger for points” becomes an important component in the final 540' of the regular phase of the competition. A feature that Wolves absolutely must not miss. If D'Orazio and his teammates were to succeed in carrying out their task, the day could smile on the Sila's side, considering the fact that Bari, Spezia and Ternana are all three playing away against the top three respectively: Como, Parma and Cremonese.
Previous. The balance of comparisons with Palermo is clearly in favor of Cosenza. The rossoblù can start from this comforting data to try to interrupt the series of seven games without a win in this championship. Against the Rosanero, the Sila team achieved ten victories and three draws. Only once did the Sicilians prevail.
The precedent in question is that of 5 November 2002. That evening, Palermo won the match with goals from the Cosenza native Stefano Morrone and Filippo Maniero. The partial bruzia reply instead came at the end, by Mark Edusei. After then, the match was repeated on two other occasions. In the year of the Cosenza return to the second division, the two teams ended with a 1-1 result: Cosenza responded with Daniele Sciaudone to the away goal scored by Nestorovski.
In Viali's second on the Sila bench, then, a year ago, came the 3-2 victory with goals from Florenzi, Rigione and Larrivey (a repeat of Brunori for the rosanero). This is also the result that has been repeated the most since it also occurred in May 2002 (Edusei, Mendil and Zaniolo before the attempt to return the Palermitans with Guidoni and Furiani) and way back in November 1947 (Pisani, Polack and Pompei allowed to tip the balance in favor of Cosenza despite the guest scores of Flumini and Conti).
Three times the score was 1-0, but the last one dates back to 31 years ago (the decisive goal by Fabris). It also happened in January 1964 (goal by Rolando Gramoglia) and May 1947 (challenge determined by the legendary Attilio Demaria). The match was a great classic of the nineties.
In fact, it was repeated on six occasions. Cosenza has won four times. The best result came on 7 June 1992: 3-0 scored by two goals from Biagioni and one from Ciccio Marino.

Logbook. In yesterday's session Idriz Voca returned to the group (in the picture) and Bright Gyamfi. The two had not trained with the rest of their teammates since Tuesday. It remains to be seen whether the two will be part of the anti-Palermo eleven or will sit on the bench. Some further indications in this regard should arrive at the end of this morning's finishing session when Viali will analyze the themes of the match against the rosanero. Mayor Franz Caruso, meanwhile, ordered the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages and their abuse at tomorrow afternoon's meeting to ensure public safety, security and public order.