The ‘wolves’ fly and the fans rejoice. ‘Cosenza in the heart’: “Now an appeal to the institutions: resolve the parking problem”


By John

We have received and published the letter-appeal from the board of directors of the Cosenza nel cuore association

The team is performing well, we have a competitive squad that can aim for the playoffs. Now, more than ever, we need unity of purpose. We are not addressing the fans, who don’t need stimuli or convincing. Our appeal is addressed to the institutions. Everyone, absolutely everyone, must push in that direction.
Having said this, a situation that necessarily needs to be improved is the parking areas around the stadium. We fans, every time we go to the stadium, start a sort of hunt for a parking space, certainly not wild, but without having any provision of designated spaces.
This happens because, for the principle of public order, yes, paradoxically for this reason, all the proper and “improper” but permitted parking areas have been prohibited. In the past, people parked around the stadium, in the past, they parked along the entire stretch of Viale Magna Graecia. Now the situation has become unsustainable.

We allow ourselves to consider the attitude of the Municipality of Castrolibero, right next to the stadium, as a bit senseless, aiming to strictly enforce the Highway Code, effectively fining Cosenza fans, who are not guaranteed any parking in the entire area , for a facility with over 20 thousand seats. We certainly don’t want to invite the non-application of the legislation, but, at the same time, we cannot fail to consider the aspect mentioned above, a stadium without parking spaces… and we talk about a single city, about filling the stadium, about building a new stadium. And the parking spaces???
Cosenza belongs to everyone, it represents the professional football of an entire province; it is also an important social and economic vehicle and we hope that we will reach a unity of purpose to achieve important objectives together.
THEWe therefore invite the Municipalities of Cosenza and Castrolibero to dialogue with the Public Security agents, to find solutions that facilitate the flow of thousands of fans: integration of scheduled buses, dedicated shuttles, which connect distant parking areas with the stadium, are proposals we put forward.