There is little snow but it doesn’t stop Sila3Vette: appointment from 21st to 24th February in Sila


By John

The Sila3Vette with its VIII edition is approaching the closing date for registrations set for February 4th. The event has also confirmed for 2024 an important number of participants on the different lengths of the routes and in different disciplines: the 21km and the 40km attract interregional as well as regional users, while the long lengths of the 80km, 140km and 260km confirm the interest of participants coming mostly from the regions of northern Italy and beyond.
The event, consolidated in the scenario of national winter events, is now a clear sign of perseverance and work well done which over the years has generated real tourist interest in the Sila National Park and its territories. The President of Tmc360 Sport, Giuseppe Guzzo highlights how although the climate is changing the habits linked to winter sports, where skiing and facilities are certainly the protagonists having been the driving economy for years not only of our mountain territories, today there is there is an urgent need to recalibrate new scenarios dictated by climate change. The Sila3Vette event demonstrates a concrete fact of this, in fact, although the winter season is different from expectations, users linked to winter outdoor sports have found in Sila3Vette the interest in going to the Calabrian mountains from all over the national territory, including the Alps. Mountaineering skiing replaces downhill skiing, just as traveling along a route on foot or in the company of your dog can give you new emotions, while the bicycle replaced by the FatBike also represents an adventure in pushing it along the routes.
The organization continues to work to create a recreational program that accompanies the sporting event and which cheers up the presence in the area. “Our work in the Calabrian mountains also acts as a research center” continues Guzzo, “by experimenting with activities and experiences we aim to differentiate the tourist offer by trying to build economic and environmental models to expand a sector that is extremely vulnerable to rising temperatures; with Sila3Vette we certainly hit the mark.”
The appointment from 21st to 25th February with Sila3Vette is an invitation, not only to the participants who have already given their membership, but also to the curious to travel to the beautiful town of Camigliatello Silano to spend pleasant days and watch the athletes pass by
along the routes in the structures indicated as checkpoints scattered in the Lorica, San Giovanni in Fiore and Sila Piccola areas. Warmth and hospitality are certainly the ingredients that have characterized Sila3Vette since the first edition.
All updated information can be found on the event’s social channels and on the website.