They hunted birds of protected species in Reggio Emilia during closed hunting periods: four people reported. Weapons and electrical decoys seized


By John

The actions aimed at preventing and repressing the phenomenon of poaching planned by the Carabinieri Forestry Group of Reggio Calabria are intensified in the most sensitive areas of the provincial territory.

More specifically, there are four people that the soldiers of the Carabinieri Forestry Station of Cittanova, over the course of the last weekend, with the usual collaboration of some voluntary associations, have caught, in the act of committing a crime, hunting birds of protected species, during the period of general hunting closure with the aid of prohibited acoustic calls: by means of the latter it is easy for poachers to attract the birds to be killed by means of an electroacoustic call that reproduces their calls.

TO CalannaHowever, the calls, in addition to the prey, have also attracted the military who have a local forty-seven year old was surprised with 4 specimens of Warbler (Sylvia borin) in the game bag. The man was therefore referred to the Judicial Authority for the killing of protected avifauna during the hunting ban period and with the aid of prohibited decoys. The subsequent house search also led to the precautionary seizure of n. 15 rifles of various calibers, all regularly held and declared, and a large quantity of ammunition and explosive material necessary for their manufacture.

Same fate for three poachers a Montebello Ionico, all in possession of a regular hunting license, who in various locations in the same municipality practiced poaching of protected species, always with the aid of prohibited electro-acoustic means. They were also referred to the Judicial Authority, in addition to seizure of 10 shot Beccafico specimens, 3 hunting rifles and all the evidentiary material found. In particular, in the house of one of the inmates, a thirty-four year old resident in Reggio Calabria, n. 20 frozen specimens of Beccafico, proving how the subject continuously practiced poaching on this protected species.

These episodes refer to a persistent illegality in the hunting sector, albeit in regression compared to the past. Essential in this regard is the help of the many hunters who carry out hunting activities in compliance with the law, through the isolation of the perpetrators of these crimes, whose harmful effects reverberate on the ecosystem and biodiversity.