European elections, Cateno De Luca launches the “Freedom Front”. From Captain Ultimo to the former mayor of Amatrice: here's who joined


By John

This morning during a press conference in the chamber the leader of the South calls the North Cateno De Luca together with the president of the movement Laura Castelli and to the deputy Francesco Gallo presented the other political forces that have chosen to join the “Freedom” project for the European elections.

“Today, stated the president of ScN Laura Castelli, we are adding other important pieces to our political project. The memberships we have registered are important and are significant of an alternative message that South calls North is carrying forward and of which it has managed to interpret.” Supporting the “Freedom” project today were the former mayor of Amatrice Sergio Pirozzi President of the “Civics in Movimento”, a newly formed formation that brings together administrators and representatives of civic movements, the “Popolo Veneto” of Vito Comencini, the Last Captain and Rassemblement Valdoten.

“Civics in Movement”, stated Pirozzi, represents a confederation of territorial civic movements and municipal administrators. We chose the symbol of the boot and not a moccasin to represent the effort and the work that the administrators carry out in the area. We want to represent the world of civility, currently considered a world apart. A neglected world characterized by contradictions that we intend to bring to light with determination and courage.

With “Civics on the move” civic expressions will have the opportunity to directly elect their representatives, both in the next European elections and in subsequent political consultations. Cateno De Luca today represents the only political leader who is legitimizing civility, making it a protagonist.”

After the agreement with Roberto Castelli, Vito Comencini's “Popolo Veneto” will also be the protagonist of the Libertà project together with Rassemblement Valdoten, a movement founded by four regional councilors of the Aosta Valley. “South calls and North answers!” This is how he began this morning Vito Comencini. “The Venetian people are here, stated Comencini, with a movement that was recently born but with a great desire to do things. Today, the kingdom of the Two Sicilies calls and the lands of the Serenissima Republic respond. We are united in shared sovereignty battles, challenging a Europe that does not represent the true demands of the European peoples. We couldn't stand by and watch. We have decided to offer an alternative to carry forward the betrayed demands: federalism, autonomy, sovereignty and territorial identity. We must also give answers to the administrators, and this is our commitment.”

“We have taken, says the leader of South Calls North Cateno De Luca, another important step forward in our political journey. The memberships we have registered are a tangible sign of the alternative message that South Calls North is carrying forward, and of which we are proud interpreters. The prophecy is being fulfilled: the South calls and the North continues to respond. South Call North is more than a civic movement, it is a federalist idea that unites and gives voice to the demands of the South and the North. The Libertà project is based on a broad alliance strategy, with a common objective: less Europe, more equity. We oppose state centralism and liberticidal European centralism. Today is a historic date for civics: let's organize a national network and overcome the contradictions that have held back civic realities. We become protagonists of a clear and concrete idea, in which we firmly believe. Our project is one of freedom. We want to spread democracy and counteract the existing oligarchic system. The presence of Capitano Ultimo in our project represents a strong message of legality, we do not want the votes of the mafiosi and the mafia. We, concluded De Luca, go hand in hand with Capitano Ultimo and Matteo Renzi goes hand in hand with Totò Cuffaro!”