Thousand-year-old Sicily, from microhistory to the Mediterranean dimension: study conference in Roccella Valdemone


By John

The charming village of Roccella Valdemonenestled in picturesque Alcantara valleyon 7 and 8 October (in the oratory of the former church of San Michele) will become the stage for the VI edition of the study conference “Millennial Sicily, from microhistory to the Mediterranean dimension”. This year, as a tradition started in 2011, will see a large presence of eminent scholars, ready to share insights into the rich history of the Island.

The event is organized by a distinguished group of historians, creators of the magazine “Gallery” launched in 2020, which is an invaluable resource for history buffs, available in both print and online formats.

There Pro Loco, a fervent supporter of the event, underlines her deep connection with the territory and the history of Roccella Valdemone. This platform will allow scholars to share their research, bringing to light previously unpublished aspects of history, some of which date back to 1800 years before Christ.

With the direction of Luigi Santagatithe event promises to be an experience of reflection and growth, with a strong sense of belonging to Sicilian history.

The conference program


09.30 – Greetings
Parish Priest of Roccella Valdemone, Giuseppe Albano

Chair: Raffaele Manduca (University of Messina)

10.00 – Antonino Cucuzza
“Jean Houel, the voyage and the calatino”

10.30 – Salvatore Giglio
“The Sicilian Byzantine basilicas: Architecture and mosaic iconography in the light of the most recent discoveries”

11.00 – Filippo Imbesi
“Explorations in the territory of Roccella Valdemone”

12.00 – Shara Pirrotti
“First literary testimonies of Sicilian culinary art”

12.30 – Bruna Pandolfo
“Study of two water disputes: documentary evidence from the Statella Archive”

3.00 pm – Alfredo Crimì
“The ancient road system in the Enna area: The Catania-Termini road in the territory of Leonforte and Assoro”

3.30pm – Alfio Maurizio Bonanno
“Protohistoric altars in Valdemone and possible archaeoastronomical values”

4.00 pm – Lucia Arcifa
“Excavations at Rocca Novara: First preliminary considerations”

4.30pm – Luciano Catalioto
“Political power, demic movements and anthropic mutations in the Sicily of the Emirs (827-1091)”

5.30pm – Luigi Santagati
“The Roman consular road from Catania to Agrigento”

3.30pm – Giuseppe Labisi
“The ancient and medieval road system of the Altesina district: data and preliminary considerations”

6.30pm – Salvatore La Monica
“The marriage of Dorotea Barresi, princess of Pietraperzia, with the Comendator major de Castilla Juan del Zuñiga”


Chair: Raffaele Manduca (University of Messina)

09.30 – Giuseppe Giugno
“Fiefdoms and municipalities: Management and management of the territory in central Sicily between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries”

10.00 – Filippo Sciara
“The possessions of the Chiaromonte in Sicily”

10.30 – Giovanni D’Urso
“Brother Cornelius of Nicosia”

11.30 – Marcello Panzarella
“Future Sicily: Between demographic winter and new geopolitical challenges”

12.00 – Salvatore Trovato
““Lombardized” area and Gallo-Italic amphizone in the north-east of Sicily”

12.30 – Roberto Motta
“Monastic settlements, castles and fortifications along the Peloritani-Nebrodi ridge and the connected roads”

4.00 pm – Conclusions and closing of the Conference

The Conference Proceedings will be published by the «Galleria» magazine