Tonight the popular fairy tale of King Pipuzzu will be hosted in San Lorenzo Bellizzi


By John

The show “Re Pipuzzu fattu a manu” feat. Orchestrafruit of the embrace between fairy tale and music, reaches San Lorenzo Bellizziwhere it will be staged tonight, at 21, in Piazza Largo behind the Church.
The co-production of Scena Verticale and Piano B – recognized by the Calabria Region under the PAC Calabria 2014-2020 Action 6.8.3. Cultural events 2021 – is a true story within a story that brings to the stage a dreamlike narrative through which Dario De Luca (director, author, actor) and Gianfranco De Franco (multi-instrumentalist, musicologist and music therapist) narrate the historical memory of the Calabrian cultural heritage , in order to try to read one’s own land better starting from folk tales. The discovery of the inner strength of a land merges with the narration, with the imagination, with the long journey towards the search for the most hidden desires, starting from the conviction that the combination of music and fairy tale builds the road to knowledge.
Thus was born a symphonic tale for narrator, electronics and orchestra – a melologue in fact – capable of combining the oral tradition with the Italian contemporary symphonic one.
Scena Verticale and Piano B therefore implement a symbiotic connection with the territory, prompting the spectators to go beyond the boundaries of the imagination, to recall their past in a choral discovery of their own identity.
The project is developed by Dario De Luca, author of the rewriting and adaptation of the tale of King Pepe, as well as director and actor of the piéce, to which he will lend his body and voice for this story in the Calabrian language; Gianfranco De Franco, composer of the original music and live set of all the electronic part of the symphony; Giuseppe Oliveto, arranger, orchestrator and conductor of the orchestra. The Orchestra is composed by Fausto Castiglione, Antonio Vergine, Carlo Cimino, Checco Pallone.
The show is part of the program of events related to the project “La Via del Pollino Orientale – San Lorenzo Bellizzi Borgo Ospitale” – financed by the Development and Cohesion Fund for the Enhancement of the Villages of the Calabria Region – which focuses once again on those good practices that make a territory welcoming, first of which is to tell and propose, in multiple forms, the history of the places that propose to host temporary citizens from all over the world.
The Via del Pollino Orientale – San Lorenzo Bellizzi Borgo Ospitale is a project funded by the Development and Cohesion Fund – FSC, Public Notice “Strategic Project for the Enhancement of the Calabrian Villages and the Enhancement of the Tourist and Cultural Offer” promoted by the Region Calabria.
San Lorenzo Bellizzi – Borgo Ospitale is a project, organized by the Municipality of San Lorenzo Bellizzi in collaboration with Plan B, which takes care of the realization of the intangible part within the Culture tour: Art and Rural World.
The project is developed in collaboration with the Authentic Villages of Italy Pro Loco Pollino Orientale, the Boys of San Lorenzo, the Calabria Cinema Network, Horizon of events, AIGAE, the Italian Association of Environmental and Hiking Guides.