Tragedy in Messina, the 16-year-old boy involved in the accident on the motorway in Letojanni has died


By John

An infinite tragedy. Marco De Luca has died, the 16-year-old boy hospitalized in the Polyclinic Intensive Care Unit since dawn on Sunday after the accident on the motorway near Letojanni. The 16-year-old attended the 4 C at the “Cuppari” Agricultural Institute. The young man’s condition immediately appeared very serious and the situation did not change until this evening when the operations for the declaration of brain death were concluded. The family, with a great gesture of altruism, gave consent for organ donation. The news had already spread in the early afternoon, especially among his classmates at the Cuppari Institute, causing the many who knew Marco, a cheerful boy, to sink into despair.

The accident occurred on Sunday morning around 5am, when the car, a Smart forFour, crashed on the motorway – near the municipality of Letojanni – against the barriers and overturned, flying into the traffic island. and remaining vertically resting on the guardrail. Inside there were five very young people aged between 16 and 19, all from Messinareturning after the Saturday evening spent in Taormina.

The pain of school

And on Cuppari’s Facebook page there is great pain for the loss of the young man. As we read in a post: “Incredulous and heartbroken, all of us, members of the large Cuppari-Minutoli-Quasimodo family, hold in a very strong embrace the family of Marco, our young lion with a big heart, who was unable to win his last battle, leaving a devastating pain in our community and in the hearts of those who love him. We will continue to see your smile in the corridors of the school, sweet Marco. We will not forget you”.