Messina, experience and freshness. Fumagalli: “Let’s save ourselves, then everything else.” Zunno: “The best goal of my life”


By John

A clear transformation by Messina between the first and second half against Picerno. After the 0-2 at half-time, an immediate reaction was needed which the Giallorossi team was able to implement. As? «We stopped talking and started running», goalkeeper Ermanno Fumagalli explained it in a few but very clear words and that was enough for Messina to come back to 2-2, gaining a good point against one of the best teams in the group, fast, technical and organised. «It was difficult to play in the rain and wind and even what you prepare during the week is difficult to do again. You play on whoever has the most desire to win a hostile match rather than a technical one, but we have seen good game patterns”, underlined the expert goalkeeper who – record holder in the third series – has exceeded 700 appearances. A prestigious achievement in a long career, but Fumagalli doesn’t intend to stop: «I’m thinking about the next race. It’s a journey that started when I was little and I don’t see the end. As long as I have fun, I get angry and I put my all into training and matches I will move forward. I know there will be those who will say that I’m old or not very reactive, but in the game that’s not the case. I stop at the stations, if someone sees that the train is good I continue, otherwise I go up to Fiorenzula to see my family.” The present is Messina who, after having moved up the rankings, can also look to other objectives with confidence: «We are thinking about salvation – Fumagalli clarified – about achieving it as soon as possible and calmly. When there is mathematics we will think of something else which would be something extraordinary.”
Meanwhile, extraordinary, there was certainly the cover goal scored to grab the draw in the last match at the “Franco Scoglio”. If Fumagalli was decisive between the posts, Marco Zunno was decisive in attack with the splendid overhead kick to complete the comeback started by Emmausso. For the class of 2001 it is the fourth goal in the championship, as in the season spent in Novara, but above all the confirmation of the extraordinary moment of form he is experiencing after a start of ups and downs: «It is certainly the best goal I have ever scored. I saw Frisenna and thought the ball might reach the far post. I hit it perfectly and scored a good goal.” Coordination and technique for a network that «I dedicate to my family, to my girlfriend and to the prosecutor who have always been close to me in the darkest moments». For Zunno, now, another personal goal: «I would like to unlock myself even outside the home».