Tragedy in San Demetrio Corone, the ceiling of a house collapses: a 42-year-old dies


By John

Tragedy a San Demetrio Corone, municipality in the province of Cosenza. The community of the Arbëreshe village led by mayor Alberto Madeo mourns the passing of Daniele Gassoso, a 42-year-old originally from nearby Acri. From what we learn, and for reasons still being ascertained, the man died after falling from the roof of a house, where the man was carrying out work inside. According to an initial reconstruction, he lost his balance and after falling he hit his head, dying instantly.

The carabinieri of the local station, an ambulance from 118 and also the air ambulance promptly intervened on the spot. But despite the arrival of the rescuers, unfortunately there was nothing that could be done for Gassoso.