Fear for a little girl in Corigliano Rossano. He plays with the dog, falls and ends up in hospital


By John

Excited moments yesterday morning at Corigliano Rossano for two close episodes that agitated the Rossonese community. The first, the most serious, concerns an 8-year-old girl who injured her head while she was playing with a pit bull. Despite the seriousness of the fact, fortunately the little girl is not in danger of life and her condition is good, apart from the understandable fright. From what we have learned, it seems that the little girl was playing amiably with her four-legged friend, when suddenly, perhaps due to a sudden movement of her dog, the little girl fell, hitting her head. The little girl was then rushed to the emergency room of the “Nicola Giannettasio” hospital. of Rossano where the doctors on duty gave her all the necessary care, dressing the wound. As mentioned, fortunately, the dog’s attack did not put the little girl’s life in danger, as the animal’s behavior and the context in which the fall occurred need to be deciphered. The Carabinieri of the Corigliano Rossano territorial department are busy reconstructing the dynamics of the incident. Medical staff and police were also involved in the second episode which occurred shortly afterwards, again at the Rossano airport. In the central and very busy Via Luca de Rosis an elderly woman was hit while crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing. The accident occurred at the traffic light system that regulates traffic in the crossroads overlooking the road. A group of people immediately suffered a puncture on site, while rescue services were immediately activated.

An ambulance from 118 arrived on site, as well as the police from the city’s territorial department. Immediately rescued, the woman suffered only minor injuries in the impact with the car, although as a precaution she was still taken to the emergency room of the city hospital for further medical checks. However, the military under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Marco Filippi is already working on the dynamics of the accident to verify any responsibilities and reconstruct all phases of the incident. Just two days ago, two other women, one of whom was expecting, were hit at the city airport by a hit-and-run driver who didn’t even stop to help.