Tragedy in Spain, fire in a nightclub in Murcia: thirteen dead and fifteen still missing


By John

At least thirteen people died and four were injured, in a fire that broke out last night in a well-known nightclub in Murcia, Spain. But beyond the 13 dead – 11 already extracted,
two still under the rubble – there are 15 people who were in the discos overwhelmed by the fire and who are still missing: this was reported by a police spokesperson. Rescuers hope that some of them still managed to leave the nightclub.

The work of the Murcia firefighters continues, having been inside the three discos destroyed by the fire for hours. The firefighters managed to put out the flames at 8 in the morning, but the rescue operations are now very delicate: the premises have been structurally damaged so there is a serious risk of collapse. Meanwhile, operations to identify the bodies have begun.