Tragedy on the tracks in Sibari, person hit by a train on the Metaponto-Paola. Traffic suspended


By John

Railway traffic suspended near Sibari on the Metaponto – Paola line due to a train hitting a person. A person, whose details remain unknown at the moment, apparently voluntarily took his own life. The accident occurred in the late afternoon along the Sibari-Paola route. The 18.20 regional train 12872 Minuetto towards Cosenza hit a person who was on the tracks just before the level crossing 9+181 located in the municipality of Cassano.
The engineer’s attempts to slow down the locomotive were useless and the victim ended up under the train, losing his life instantly. Railway police officers and RFI technicians immediately intervened on site and railway traffic was suspended. The 118 PET station in Cassano was also alerted. Two regional players involved (already self-replaced) and the Freccia Bolzano Sibari.
The police, coordinated by the Castrovillari Public Prosecutor’s Office, are investigating the incident. The most credible lead at the moment would be that of suicide.
The travelers in the convoy have been dropped off and will arrive at their destination on replacement buses. A solution, the latter, which could also affect the Frecciarossa Bolzano-Sibari expected in the Piana station at 10.18pm.