Cocaine and money in the house, a man arrested in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto


By John

This morning, during the incessant and intense control of the territory with the aim of preventing and repressing drug dealing, personnel from the Barcelona PG State Police Commissariat arrested a man held responsible for the crime of possession for the purposes of dealing of narcotic substances.

Specifically, the arrested man, with multiple criminal convictions, who is considered by investigators to be one of the potential drug dealers operating in the Barcelona hinterland and therefore constantly monitored, was subjected to a home and personal search.

In fact, the search gave a positive result, inside the house, cocaine weighing approximately 44 g was found and seized. as well as 455 euros in cash and a precision scale presumably used for packaging the doses.

At the disposal of the PM on duty at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Barcelona PG directed by the Prosecutor Dr. Giuseppe Verzera, the arrested person was transferred to the Barcelona PG prison

The arrest takes place a few days after that of another person and again for possession of cocaine, considered the most sought after of hard drugs and having devastating effects on human health. Drug dealing is a serious and current phenomenon, synergistically opposed by the State Police and the Prosecutor’s Office in order to punish those responsible and safeguard citizens.