Tree on a car in the center of Reggio, near tragedy for the two young passengers


By John

A large branch fell on a car in transit in the historic center of Reggio Calabria. A real near-miss and somehow announced tragedy involving the two young passengers, who fortunately were only slightly injured. The large ficus that stands out in Piazza Indipendenza, in fact, had been causing concern for a long time, due to the situation in which the bent plant was placed on the roadway and, more generally, due to the lack of maintenance of the city greenery.

“What if someone died?” Post on fb by Confesercenti Reggio president Claudio Aloisio

“And what if the dead man had escaped? Luckily it didn’t happen. The two boys in the car are just scared, a little bruised and nothing more but it was just luck. I arrived in the car only a minute after the event, I would have I could have been there in their place. And I could have been on a bicycle, the vehicle I use 90% of the time when I go to the centre. It is not possible to continue not taking proper care of the trees along the seafront. It is not possible to carry out approximate and , possibly ineffective. We cannot wait for a real tragedy to happen. Today there is no wind that can justify what has happened. An enormous trunk has simply fallen due to the too much weight of the unpruned branches. We must intervene immediately and put safely one of the most symbolic, popular and busy areas of the city. There are no excuses, explanations or reasoning to be made. Act! Now!”