Tropea, Municipality in court against Macrì’s appeal


By John

In the judgment on the appeal against the dissolution before the TAR Lazio, proposed by the former mayor John Macri and by some of its Executive councillors (who have already given a mandate to lawyers Fabio Fiorellino, Marco De Seta and Giovanni Nigro of the Cosenza Bar Association), the triad of commissioners who lead the Municipality have proposed to constitute themselves as a necessary act: «We believe that we must defend the administration of the Municipality of Tropea which has been evoked in this trial – they maintain Roberto Micucci, Vito Turco and Antonio Calenda -, we believe that there are reasons why we can oppose it”. And when they speak of administration they mean the institution of the Municipality in a broad sense, in defense of the Body and beyond the administrations that then have responsibility for it.
Since April 24th, at the helm of Palazzo Sant’Anna, the triad has already passed the first tests (and there is certainly no shortage of “busillis”), gaining much consensus. It was not a given… given that they had been greeted by a climate of mistrust. With authority, theyHowever, they managed to make themselves appreciated, especially in light of their prompt responses to critical issues (two above all: power failure and water shortage). Now they are winking at the future: one of the characterizing actions of the extraordinary commission is to adopt the resolution of the Plan of the priorities of the interventions so that, where there are sources of financing, they are preeminent.