Tropea rebels against the commissionership: “With Macrì the city has shone” VIDEO


By John

Initially disappointing due to the low turnout, the procession gained height as the work progressed, winding through a good part of the city's “living room”, before concentrating and disbanding near Palazzo Giffone; because the last administrative act of the mayor Giovanni Macrì's executive was its acquisition to the municipal heritage… Full and proud support emerged from the silent march organized by Maria Antonietta Pugliese and which, in the front row, saw the participation of the former mayor's parents themselves, with the fierce Beatrice Lento who expressed her reasons in first of all as a citizen of Tropea, as well as an appreciated professional, also saying she is aware of the work of the team led by her son, free from the constraints of bad repute. The march was intended as an action to ask the State to listen and evaluate the doubts and fears of a community dismayed by a measure with serious consequences. “We do not want to discuss the provision – explained Maria Antonietta Pugliese – the reasons for which are not yet known, but to recognize its merit, finding objective data”.

Macrì has always been a “divisive” element (either you love him or you hate him) but those who continue to love and appreciate him this morning wanted to show their face: a short march but with intense and true feelings, without dissimulating concern for the future of a city, right at the height of its tourist glory. In short, a moment to pay tribute to Macrì for what he produced during his mandate. Although she did not participate, also for reasons of opportunity, his presence was nevertheless tangible, in every stop and in every applause of gratitude. And, gadgets with his name have also appeared in some businesses. Everyone now trusts in the appeal, in order to be able to rewrite this history that “stains” them; because the people of Tropea want to make it known that they have nothing to do with the mafia. “Today we feel like saying – says Pugliese, addressing Nino Macrì – you have given us the desire to dream and with you the dream has become reality. Thank you Mayor Macrì”.