Turning point at Lamborghini, there will be a short week after a year of negotiations. 500 new hires expected


By John

It was signed in the night between 4 and 5 Decemberthe hypothesis of an agreement between RSU, Fiom, Fim and Lamborghini cars on the supplementary company contract, after a year of negotiations. Agreement – underline the unions – with which the important goal of short week. In the next few days the text will be presented to the company’s workers and will be submitted to referendum.

Details of the Agreement: Reduction of Hours and Increase in Salary

In detail, the agreement provides for the reduction of working hoursL’increase in annual salary, 500 new hiresa path of improvement on the ongoing procurement of the site, the consolidation of rights and the protection of differences.

Reduction of working hours

The reduction in working hours involves alternating a 5-day week and a four-day week for production or related staff who work two shifts (morning and afternoon) and a central shift for an overall reduction of 22 days of work per year; one 5-day week and two 4-day weeks for production or production-related staff who work on a three-shift regime (morning, afternoon and night) for an overall reduction of 31 working days per year; 16 days less per year for workers not connected to production, 12 days less for white-collar staff who can have up to 12 days of smart working per month.

New performance bonus and increase in allowances

The new performance bonus will be equal to 4,000 euros. An increase in various allowances related to production and for the enhancement of employee skills is expected. The total amount that will be paid annually to Lamborghini employees, in addition to the salary provided for by the national contract, will thus rise from 13,500 euros to approximately 16,000 euros (of which 4,000 variables and 12,000 certain).

Bonuses and improvements for employees

With the November 2023 paycheck (paid on December 11th) a salary will also be paid extraordinary prize, linked to the sixtieth anniversary of the company, equal to 1,063 euros. The agreement also provides for an improvement of material conditions of workers on contract by combating pirated contracts and encouraging second-level supplementary agreements within the community of the production site.

Additional rights and protections

Are expected paid leave in the case of adoption and fostering of a child and for the inclusion of children in nursery or nursery school, as well as a 10% increase in the company contribution for parental leave which reaches 80% of the salary. For what concern fight against gender violencetraining is made mandatory.