Tragedy in Oriolo, attempts to uproot a tree and is crushed: a 74 year old dies


By John

Tragedy in the Santa Maria ad Oriolo district in the province of Cosenza. A retired professor lost his life on board his tractor. The victim is Franco Siciliano, 74 years old, who lives in neighboring Amendolara. For a few days, together with some workers, he had been busy harvesting olives in his area of ​​land, and just yesterday he was supposed to start the milling. Unfortunately this will not be the case, because for reasons still being examined by the investigators, the professional who has been retired for a few years, while driving the agricultural vehicle, was hit on the head by a tree trunk, which fatally injured him (probably the unfortunate man was trying to uproot the shrub and was crushed). Attempts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful. The 74-year-old passed away in an instant, on that land that he loved and cared for with sacrifices and sweat. After leaving the chair of the Agricultural Institute of Corigliano Rossano, the countryside had become, together of course with the family, a place of relaxation, surrounded by greenery and uncontaminated nature where he loved to go to spend a few hours of serenity. This time, however, that location proved hostile, tearing him away from the affection of his beloved wife, children and grandchildren who were his reason for living. The Carabinieri stationed at the local station arrived at the site of the fatal accident led by Commander Rocco Introcaso who, together with his men, began the investigation, immediately informing the Castrovillari Public Prosecutor’s Office of the news story. Together with the soldiers of the Carabinieri, the 118 ambulance from Cassano also arrived in the Oriolese district, as well as the firefighters belonging to the permanent detachment of Castrovillari and the voluntary one of Trebisacce, as well as the medical examiner who could not help but note the the death of the esteemed professor, already marked by life. In fact, twelve years ago, in a terrible road accident that occurred on state road 106 near Villapiana, his beloved 21-year-old son Ivan lost his life. The brutal scenario was repeated yesterday, and left the communities of Oriolo and Amendolara stunned. The body was transported to the house of the unfortunate teacher and today the funeral will take place in the Church dedicated to the Madonna della Salute. Don Nicola Mobilio will officiate the sacred functions in a town that is dressed in mourning for the loss of a respectable person appreciated by all his fellow villagers.