Two for a Thousand: Pd first party with over 8 million euros, Forza Italia in last places


By John

The Democratic party is at the top of the list of parties to which taxpayers have decided to allocate two per thousand of the Irpef declaration. In the 2023 fiscal year relating to 2022 incomes, 8,118,192 euros went to the Dems. In second place, trailing by about four million, he comes Brothers of Italy with 4,807,551 euros.

On the third step of the podium we find the 5 Star Movement with 1,853,949 euros. The fourth box is occupied by Italia Vivawith 1,135,044 euros, which narrowly beats the Salvini Premier Leaguefifth with 1,106,828 euros. Action by Carlo Calenda is therefore sixth with 1,039,313 euros. Out of the “millionaires’ club”, we find Green Europe with 869,008 euros who wins the derby on the left with Italian Leftstops at 816,244 euros. More Europe records 717,111, one hundred thousand euros more than Forza Italia (618,377 euros), while Article One he collects 519,700.