Unauthorized widening of a forestry path in Mendicino: several plants uprooted. The person responsible was reported.


By John

In recent days, during a territorial control service carried out in the Vallone Stura area of ​​the municipality of Mendicino by the soldiers of the Carabinieri Forestry Unit of Cosenza, the presence of a mechanical shovel and a wheeled tractor was noticed. The checks carried out made it possible to ascertain that recently extraordinary maintenance and widening works had been carried out on a pre-existing forestry path which partly crosses a wooded area predominantly of Neapolitan alder. This track, having a length of approximately 700 linear metres, of which 300 meters are located within a wooded area, had recently been the subject of maintenance work through which the pre-existing roadway had been widened by excavating the mountain slope and carrying the soil downstream, carried out with the mechanical shovel found on site. The widening of the pre-existing trail also led to the uprooting of forest plants found at the time of the inspection. Following the investigations carried out, the person responsible for carrying out the works without the necessary authorizations in terms of urban planning, construction and environmental landscaping as well as in terms of forestry hydrogeological restrictions was identified. Therefore, referral was made to the competent Judicial Authority for the foreseen crimes and administrative charges were filed for violations relating to the forestry hydrogeological constraint.