Unique city in Cosenza, increasingly hot debate. The “case” of the Democratic Party


By John

After all, all you have to do is cross Campagnano to cross the border. And that's what hundreds, if not thousands, of people do every day, on foot, by bike, by car or by bus. A continuous coming and going, justified by various reasons, even by Castrolibero residents earn the capital or It makes to reach the workplace or go to university, each carrying their own roots in their pockets or, perhaps better said, in their hearts.
Probably the real reason for the dispute over the creation of the single municipality lies in this feeling, legitimate, sacrosanct, much more significant than crossing a stream that isn't even that deep. For time immemorial now, politicians have been trying to find the right synthesis, convinced of the positive effects that a large area would bring to the entire surrounding area, without, however, ever managing to achieve the objective.
The so-called “dissidents” of the Democratic Party, who are not dissidents, but rather the critical soul of a party scattered in a thousand streams, remember, as we report elsewhere, the appeals launched on more than one occasion and centered on the opportunity to create a intense confrontation, attributing “a municipalist closure” to the center-right of the Region. The position recently taken by the official Democratic Party, put in black and white the other evening during the meeting of the citizens' club of democrats (in the presence of councilors and councilors of the PD council group), would seem to follow the invitations of the “dissidents”, dampening the controversy over hypothetical changes of opinion, as the Bruzio Democratic Party had not yet openly expressed itself on the single city project, however leaving it to be understood that the direction outlined by the specific regional commission shows shortcomings.

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