Unicef’s alarm: in Gaza children only have sea water to drink


By John

Children are facing a “catastrophic” situation in Gaza and parents have no choice but to give them sea wateraccording to the UN children’s agency Unicef. Toby Frickera spokesperson for the body, told BBC News that the shortcomings that existed in Gaza even before the current conflict have been “taken to another level.”

“One of our staff members has a four-year-old and a seven-year-old and is trying to keep the girls safe, to keep them alive every day,” she said. He said they are only drinking salt water and her daughter says, “Mom, why can’t I have the normal water we had on normal days again?” Asked about aid supplies that have now made it into Gaza, Fricker said: “There have been supplies, but they are extremely small. When you see the immense needs on the ground that we have, we need many, many, many more.”

Fricker called for an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire” and increased aid supplies to Gaza “on a sustained basis.” «What we see every day is that children are killed, injured and maimed. And this is the most important thing: protecting children’s lives and keeping them alive.”