Twist in Gioia Tauro: Russo and Schiavone together


By John

A twist in the Gioiese political arena in view of the next local elections: in the wake of cohesion and sharing, the new political laboratory “Alleanza Gioiese” whose project has recently been officially joined by the former deputy mayor Rosario Schiavoneand the group led by the principal Maria Rosaria Russomainly made up of the “Together for Joy” movement, after a meeting held in recent days they have in fact started a agreement table which, over the next few months, could lead to a synthesis representing a large cross-party coalition.
No step backwards, however, at the moment, neither from Schiavone nor from Principal Russo, but rather a step “sideways” noting, as groups, the urgency of building a shared political path within which there are ideas and overlapping projects. Among these certainly the need to create a new ruling class that stands out for its skills, «overcoming the old and harmful scheme of the electoral cartel, useful exclusively – the two realities point out in unison – to add up votes without then having the ability to administer a a territory rich in resources but also in complexity.”