Unique city between Cosenza and Rende, heated tones in the debate. Franz Caruso: «It’s an annexation»


By John

The unique city of Cosenza at the center of the debate organized by Nazione Futura. A debate that also recorded heated tones between the different positions
In the introduction Vincenzo Campanella, coordinator of Nazione Futura and organizer of the meeting, underlined how «this debate was the first truly democratic and participatory one with the presence of those in favor and against». In a video message, Simona Loizzo, deputy of the League, recalled that as a regional councilor he was the first to present the bill. “We must build the city that Giacomo Mancini dreamed of – said Loizzo – with the university project around it.”
Giuseppe Graziano he exalted «the growth opportunities for the area. Overall and strong funding without losing any identity. Even if the referendum is consultative, if the no vote wins, we will have to stop.” Giovanni Greco, representing the Municipality of Castrolibero, he strongly contested the regional bill. «There is an absolute lack of democracy – said Greco – and there has been no effort to unite the territories. It was necessary to unite them and not divide them – Greco said – all the services that we guarantee to Castrolibero today will be canceled in the event of a merger. Francesco Caruso, city councilor and former deputy mayor of Cosenza, said that «there are few who are against the single city. The citizens want this unique reality to give impetus to the entire province. For me too, the referendum must be binding and I am sure that the yes vote will win.”
For Franz Caruso instead «putting together a broken municipality and a police station for mafia infiltration is a disaster. I put the single city project in my program – added Caruso – but not in this way. A way that tramples Rende, which has no voice and which resembles an annexation. It was necessary to plan common services and arrive at a truly democratic path – added the mayor of Cosenza – but the Calabrian centre-right is acting like the national one which approves differentiated autonomy without caring about the Bishops and the South”.