Unique city in Cosenza, the lesson of Leo Tolstoy


By John

The city that already exists. The debate that inflames the political arena moves along two opposing ridges: the one occupied by the “unionists” and the other presided over by the “autonomists”. The terms bring to mind the American Civil War: the context appears, however, much more provincial and restricted.

The clash is between the centre-right, promoter of the founding bill with eight regional councilors, and the centre-left cut off from the initiative with a clever and sudden move made by opponents. The interventionism of Occhiuto’s troops is contrasted with the “resistance” of the socialist, democratic and five-star ranks.

The battleground is varied: from the financial imbalance existing between the three public bodies involved, to the lack of involvement of the city councils and associations; then passing through the failure to include Montalto in the project. Issues on which it will be difficult to find agreement. Leo Tolstoy said: «You cannot negotiate peace with those who do not want to sign it». In fact, however, Cosenza, Rende and Castrolibero are already urbanistically united, so much so that you pass from one territory to the other without realizing it…