Unique city, in Rende the “no” front is preparing the alternative referendum


By John

We don’t want to let our guard down in Rende. Every decision on the single city must be shared, if not agreed upon. From these assumptions and after last week’s popular assembly, the 16 associations continue to meet and plan appointments. The decision adopted in the last appointment is to also publicly invite the mayors of Cosenza and Castrolibero, Caruso and Greco. And then to start, perhaps as early as this weekend, a signature collection to support the protest action. The other steps are instead structured by areas and districts, so as to involve citizens and residents more.
If you think, however, that the whole city is inclined to say “no, thanks” to the unique city, you are wrong. Because, for example, the “Spazio Aperto 1495” association is openly in favor of “yes”. «We believe that the presence of three hundred souls cannot be considered a great success of civil society participation. Considering the fact that there were around 20 formations including associations and political parties, with little more than ten members for each of them, the legendary figure of 300 is reached. For the press campaign and the entry into the field of old and new administrators we would have expected much larger numbers”, the movement quips.