University, 60 scholarships for research doctorates in Sicily. The Region allocates almost 4 million


By John

They will be approximately sixty regional scholarships for attending research doctorate courses in the island’s universities. This is an intervention for a total amount of 3.9 million euros, thanks to funds from the ESF+ 2021/2027 programming, intended for Sicilian universities for the 2023/2024 academic year.

The notice prepared by the Region, through the Department of Education and Vocational Training, aims to strengthen the offer of post-graduate higher education, supporting doctoral courses for disciplinary areas consistent with the “Regional Innovation Strategy for intelligent specialization”.

«We continue to invest in young Sicilian graduates – states the councilor for education and professional training, Mimmo Turano – enhancing the island’s universities and universities, research, international experiences and coherence with the development project that the government of Region imagines for Sicily. The objective is not only to support post-graduate higher education, but to make it consistent with the innovation development strategy of the Region and the labor market.”

State and non-state universities recognized by the Mur with operational headquarters in Sicily and accredited for macro-type C – Higher education will be able to submit an application by 14 February to the Pec address.

The number of additional regional grants with a three-year duration, each with a maximum overall value of approximately 64 thousand euros, in the case of a 6-month period abroad, and of almost 69 thousand, in the case of a 12-month period abroad, will be attributed to each university based on the number of students enrolled in the 2021/2022 academic year.

The recipients of the scholarships are Sicilian graduates under 35 who, during their doctoral studies, will have to spend a period abroad in order to internationalize their curriculum so as to make their employability profile more competitive.

The notice can be consulted on the website of the regional Education department at this link.