Us Acli 5-a-side football, it’s starting to get serious: two trios at the top. Under and Third League tournaments underway


By John

Goal spectacle and a lot of uncertainty. Beautiful: there is no other word to identify the iMarcos and Us Acli 5-a-side football championships. In the Premier League, after Armazem’s half-failure (which has already redeemed itself), this time it was Bfb’s turn to slow down, away to Soccer San Pietro (5-5). Vigna stopped the leaders with a hat-trick (accompanied by the centers of Donato and Caputo), who responded with goals from Alfano (three), Corbo and Borrelli. Armazem took advantage of this, returning to success at the end of a spectacular match (4-5 against Roglianese): Cortese decided it in the final, after having dribbled past almost the entire opposing team, scoring his second personal goal of the day. Di Verta (double) and Galiano scored the other guest goals; Stumpo, Pascuzzo, Filippo and Falbo scored for Roglianese. Cerisano was on display (11 to 3 against Football Lattarico), driven by a five from Chiappetta, a hat-trick from Di Santo and goals from Mancini, Sansone and De Luca. Abate’s trio made the deficit less burdensome for the opponents. Memorable away match for Atlas Acri, who scored 11 on the Soccer San Pietro pitch (4 Molinari, 2 Ferraro, 2 Siciliano and one goal each for Reale, Bonomo and Barone). Carrieri and Mancuso were the home scorers. The match between Don Marano and Giovanile Bianchi was spectacular: 5-5. On one side Massimilla (3), Zappa and Minervini scored, on the other Taverna (2), Piccoli, Maletta and Bianco. Rose won by a narrow margin (5-4 against Calabria Young), at the end of a very balanced contest, driven by Servino’s trio and the goals of Murano and Brecchi; the guests’ strenuous resistance bore the signature of Magno and Amelio. Ranking: Armazem, Bfb Rovito e Cerisano 10, Don Marano, Rose Futsal, Atlas Acri 7, Soccer San Pietro 6, Football Lattarico, Roglianese, Calabria Young 3 Giovanile Bianchi 1, Oratorio San Nicola 0.

Chapter Championship. A day to remember for Spezzano who beat Castiglione 10-1 (Principe scored the flag) thanks to goals from Bovienzo (poker), Marasco (two), Lettieri (two), Tavernese and Scarcella. Slowdown by Real Cannuzze, 4-1 defeat by Esaro United (pace, Masellis and Puzzo scored twice; tough for the guests). Impressive external success for Arintha who beat Atletico Cutura 11-7. Christmas’ hat-trick, Cundari’s brace and goals from Plastina and Caero were not enough for the hosts. Great protagonists for Arintha Iantorno and De Luca (four of a kind for both) and De Luca (three of a kind). Convincing victories for Lattarico, able to overcome 8-2 (hat-trick by Lupo, brace by Alex De Luca and goals by Gianni De Luca, Fiorentino and Balsano; Mazzotta and Bruno for the guests), and Wild Boards, able to beat the Campetto Marzi 7-3 (three by Bozzo and Avolio, goal by Sprovieri; two goals by Lionardi and Mirabelli for the opponents). Romualdo Montagna corsair on the Effeccì Cutura field for 4-3. A muscular match, determined by doubles from Gueye and Fucile. On the home front, De Franco’s hat-trick is worthy of applause. Ranking: Spezzano, Romualdo Montagna, Esaro Utd 9, Lattarico, Arintha, Real Cannuzze, Wild Boards 4, Castiglione, Fc Cutura 3, Lago, Campetto Marzi 1, Atletico Cutura 0.

The news. We don’t feel the Christmas atmosphere yet but it’s already time for gifts for Us Acli users: the youth championships and… the third league are starting! Young people are held in high regard by the sports promotion body. The first matches linked to Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, Under 15 and Under 17 will begin on Wednesday. Numerous participating clubs, with at least one representative in each category: Bfb Rovito, Calabria Young, Camigliatello Silano, Casali del Manco, Piroxy, Cerisano Soccer, Città di Fiore, Football Lattarico, Futsal Morelli, Giovanile Bianchi, Oratorio San Nicola, RasTeam, Real Sangiovannese, Soccer San Pietro, Stelle Azzurre, Vog Fagnano, Don Marano, Academy Crotone and Atletico Crotone. And the other surprise? The numbers are there: the third league will begin, which will be added to the Premier and Championship. Yet another step forward in a rapidly growing movement.