US-China meeting. Xi: “Turning your back is not an option.” Biden: “Let’s work together on artificial intelligence and climate”


By John

Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping they shook hands in California to kick off a long-awaited meeting aimed at defusing tensions between the United States and China. A year after their last face-to-face, a smiling Biden greeted Xi after the Chinese leader stepped out of a black limousine in California’s opulent Filoli Gardens, less than 30 miles from San Francisco.

For the United States and China, “turning away is not an option.” Chinese President Xi Jinping said this when meeting Joe Biden. Relations between China and the United States have never been easy «over the last 50 years or more» and have found themselves facing «always problems in one direction or another but they have moved forward. For two large countries like China and the United States, turning their backs is not an option”. “We can work together on artificial intelligence and the climate”: Joe Biden said this when opening the summit with Xi Jinping